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This trail will show you interesting places around the eastern part of the Giant Mountains. It starts in Pec pod Sněžkou, an important centre situated under the highest mountain – Sněžka. Through the Javoří Valley you will ascend to the Black Mountain Peat Bog (Czech: Černohorské rašeliniště), which is more than 6 thousand years old, and across which you can take a nature trail.

20 km | 10 hours | Active

From Pec pod Sněžkou through the Javoří Valley to Black Mountain (Czech: Černá hora)

Route description:

We start on blue trail markers leading from Pec pod Sněžkou along the right bank of the Úpa River, which runs parallel to the main road to Velká Úpa. After twenty minutes this blue hiking trail will take us to the Javoří Mill in Velká Úpa, where we will turn right and travel up along the green trail markers to Červený Kostelec Hut, from where we will continue along blue trail markers to the signpost by Thám’s Huts. Take the green hiking trail from there, which will take you to Italian Huts (Czech: Vlašské boudy). Continue along the yellow trail markers to Pěticestí and further on until you reach the border of the Black Mountain Peat Bog. Turn left across the peat bog up to the Pardubice Huts on the south-west foot of Black Mountain and Light Mountain (Czech: Světlá hora). This place offers magnificent views, especially of Pec pod Sněžkou, the village of Mladé Buky and the town of Trutnov. Follow green and then blue trail markers for 15 minutes to reach the Black Hut (Czech: Černá bouda) at the foot of Black Mountain. Red trail markers will take you to Kolín Hut. By Kolínská bouda take the yellow hiking trail, which will take you to Pec pod Sněžkou.


Pec pod Sněžkou - Velká Úpa - Vlašské boudy - Černohorské rašeliniště – Pardubické boudy - Černá hora – Václavák – Kolínská bouda - Slatinná stráň - Pec pod Sněžkou


The trail has a mostly unpaved surface, there are also pole pavements.

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East Bohemia

20 km | 10 hours
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