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North Bohemia

This castle hidden in the deep forest is said to belong to the most mysterious places in Bohemia. And the area of Kokořín is said to offer one of the most attractive opportunities for biking. Come and check it out yourself!

35 km | 4 hours | Active, Adrenaline

Discover the dark history of Houska Castle

Route description:

„This romantic area is full of typical canyons, sandstone rocks, villages and sweet-smelling pine trees, and you will find it only thirty kilometres west of Mladá Boleslav. Start your trip in the town of Mšeno, which is considered the gateway to the Kokořín area. You will pass a pretty first-republic outdoor swimming pool fed by a rock spring, the so-called Swedish Bulwark – remnants of fortification dating back to the era of the Thirty Years’ War. Soon, you will see typical rock formations, such as Obří hlava (The Giant’s Head), Žába (The Frog) and Faraon (The Pharaoh). During your wandering, you shouldn’t miss Kokořín Castle, around which there is a famous yet demanding bike trail. And now you are slowly approaching a famous castle dating back to the 13th century – Houska. It is said to be the scariest place in our country. Why is it standing here when there was no trade route or border, the deep forest was not suitable for hunting and there is no source of water? It is rumoured it was built to protect the surrounding world against “something” inside… The main secret is said to be concentrated in the Gothic castle chapel, which has a very atypical position. Its walls are decorated with motives that cannot be explained, and various resources mention a number of remarkable phenomena that occurred there. According to legend, this chapel is the gateway to hell, and the chronicles say the earth broke open there at the end of the ninth century. An odour of sulphur spread out a hole that was so deep it couldn’t be filled. Therefore, they decided to bridge the hole with a chapel. Simply, Houska Castle is a place braided with legend, and you can have a first-hand experience of its atmosphere. And even if you fail to get the castle mystery sussed, you won’t regret visiting the area of Kokořín. Such a mixture of perfect biking, beautiful natural sceneries and mysterious secrets is unique within the Czech Republic.“


Čeká vás trasa motající se hlubokými lesy. Rozhodně doporučujeme nejen mapu ale i GPS pomocníka.

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Mountain Biking

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Active , Adrenaline

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North Bohemia

35 km | 4 hours
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