Czech Republic

North Bohemia

To put it mildly, this area is rather specific. But if you think there is nothing interesting to see, you are wrong. You will be surprised to find out what adventures you can experience there!

95 km | 2 days | Active, Adrenaline

Ralsko – a depressive path through Czech Chernobyl

Route description:

„The terrain is not very demanding – the landscape north-west of Mladá Boleslav looks like a flat cake. However, it does not mean you will be deprived of beautiful countryside or exciting reminders of the military history. You can also find places where nuclear ammunition is hidden, decaying military facilities that look as if they came from low-budget horror films as well as a monstrous airport hidden in the forest there. The place has been a military exercise area since the 18th century. In 1968 this area of 250 square kilometres was occupied by the Soviet army. Long isolation gave the landscape a unique character free of any civilisation. Just behind Mimoň immerse yourself into dense pine forests up to Deer Hill (Czech: Jelení vrch) and the so-called Dog Church (Czech: Psí kostel), which is a system of natural overhangs connected by artificial corridors. You will also see the Rock Gate (Czech: Skalní brána), one of the biggest formations of its kind in the Czech Republic. From the ridge you can go to the famous Lake Mácha, which is actually a pond founded by Charles IV. But if you are more interested in an impressive show of the mysteries of one of the most protected and restricted places of former Czechoslovakia, go to see Javor 52. It is a special underground hide for nuclear ammunition. It was guarded by a special unit whose command reported directly to the General Headquarters is Moscow. It is still speculated as to whether or not nuclear weapons were really placed there. It is a ghostly sight – barbed wire, bunkers and technical buildings swallowed by wild vegetation. The facility itself has already been buried, but the atmosphere is very thick. The former tank firing range of Židlov, which has been turned into the largest game park in the Czech Republic, is also worthy of a visit. What is really interesting is the fact that the European bison has been brought there. Another stop is the vanished village of Svébořice, which is now only remembered by the remnants of several cellars carved into the rock and ruins of a former military town. Several kilometres further on you will pass other military facilities and you can find a decontamination medical facility, which gives a horror-like impression, in Hvězdov. Do not miss the monstrous Hradčany airport with an endless take-off runway and forty hangars. An unforgettable experience not only for fans of military history! “


V poslední době se v oblasti turistické i cykloturistické značení hodně zlepšilo. Oblast je ale velmi rozlehlá a cesty spletité. Pokud nechcete bloudit, mapa a GPS navigace je jasná volba. V případě, že nechcete minout nejzajímavější vojenské objekty, zaznamenejte si jejich přenou polohu.

Activity type

Mountain Biking

Audience type

Active , Adrenaline



Air humidity: 85%
Cloudiness: 76%
Wind: (NW) 12km/h
broken clouds
Friday 12°
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Monday 12° 10°
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North Bohemia

95 km | 2 days
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