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Špičák in Šumava has made its mark on the Czech bike park scene and its high-level course can be a model for newly emerging bike parks.

Active, Adrenaline

Bikepark Špičák

Resort description:

In 2006, experienced trail-builders Tomáš Lučan and Tomáš Procházka were scouting the local ski slopes and forests. By 2007, the first freeride track leading from the top of the mountain opened. Since then, it has been regularly modified and new tracks with higher difficulty are formed, which is a pleasant exception to the trend of making routes easier. The Struggle trail has been hosting IXS European Downhill for many years now. Špičák Bikepark is the only Czech bike park that belongs to the group of European bike parks where a single all-season Gravity Card ticket is valid. The area also attracts bikers because of its complete area services and the nearby German bike park Geisskopf, only about 40 kilometrers away from Železná Ruda.


Trails Struggle - 1.1 km, very difficult, it contains a large number of rocks, roots, plus drops and jumps across the paths. Black Friday - 2.3 km, medium difficulty, you will see many smaller and larger jumps as well as a large number of banked turns. Forest Virgin - 1.5 km, medium difficulty, natural track, contains more catwalks, plenty od banked turns, and a see-saw with a go around. Air & Stone - A 350 m long turnoff with catwalks, stones and jumps Jump park - 200 m, medium difficulty, a section with catwalks, suitable for less experienced riders to practice for larger jumps.

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Active , Adrenaline

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Opening time: 08:30-16:00

Resort services

LD Špičák | v provozu
Spodní Šance | v provozu
Zalomený | mimo provoz
Lubák - FREESTYLE AREA | mimo provoz
Sirotek I. | mimo provoz
Sirotek II. | mimo provoz
K parkovišti | v provozu
Lyžaské hřiště - pohyblivý koberec | v provozu
Turistická | Zavřena
U zalomeného | Otevřena
Horní objížďka | Zavřena
Dolní objížďka | Zavřena
Slalomová | Otevřena
Šance | Zavřena
Spojka-Slalomová | Zavřena
Spodní Šance | Otevřena
FREESTYLE Area Špičák | Zavřena
Sirotek I. | Zavřena
Sirotek II. | Zavřena
K parkovišti | Otevřena
Lyžařské hřiště - Ski school Špičák | Otevřena
Černá Struggle | Mimo provoz
Červená Black Friday | Mimo provoz
Zelená Forest Virgin | Mimo provoz
Modrá Jump Park | Mimo provoz
Air Stone | Mimo provoz
Skill Center 1 | Mimo provoz
Skill Center 2 | Mimo provoz
| V provozu
Kol | V provozu
Chata Hanička | V provozu
Chata Blaženka | V provozu
Horní Stanice | V provozu

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