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In the Krušné hory (Ore Mountains), bike parks and trail centers are hard to come by, but there is an exception, the excellent Trail Park Klínovec.

Active, Adrenaline

Trail Park Klínovec

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Extending along the southern and southwestern slopes of the mountains, it is located about 20 minutes by car from Karlový Vary. The opportunities offered by the Krušné hory mountains richly make up for the aforementioned lack of bike parks. Previously, Klínovec was mainly for downhillers, but today it is suitable for the whole family. Trail Park Klínovec enters its second season this year, during which all 24 km of firm-packed flowtrails with three levels of difficulty will be put into operation, accompanied by a beautiful, tranquil countryside. There are some beautiful views of the landscape in the direction towards the adjacent town of Jáchymov. For fans of a more adrenaline experience, there is still a downhill track that underwent a complete reconstruction in 2016. This year, several new passages will be added. However, Trail Park Klínovec offers other possibilities that should not be missed- the complex is completly equiped, there is a pumptrack as well as a skill center. In addition, there are five XC circuits of varying intensity and difficulty with a total length of 67 km.


Downhill Klínovec - 3 km, difficult; a downhill track with many banked turns and several jumps, demanding passages suitable for more capable riders with a full-suspension bike with at least 160mm travel/suspension. Azur - 10.3 km, easy; easy-to-handle groomed trails with a solid foundation suitable for the whole family, running down a gentle slope where there is no need to brake too much. Rubin - 8 km, medium difficult; groomed rolling trails that can be ridden by the whole family, but they will also be appreciated by an experienced rider when he finds his rhythm. The firm base of the trail drains away water well just like the Azur trail. Baron – 5.1 km

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Active , Adrenaline

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Opening time: 08:30-16:00

Resort services

LD Prima Express | v provozu
LD CineStar Express | v provozu
LD Suzuki | v provozu
LD Dámská | v provozu
Vlek U Zabitého | mimo provoz
Vlek MiniAreál | v provozu
Dětský vlek | mimo provoz
Vlek Slalomák | mimo provoz
Pás dětský Hugo I. | v provozu
Pás dětský Hugo II. | mimo provoz
LD Neklid Štikovka | v provozu
Vlek Neklid Velká poma | mimo provoz
Vlek Neklid VL 1000 | mimo provoz
Vlek Neklid Malá Poma | mimo provoz
Vlek Neklid VL 500 | mimo provoz
Pás dětský MAX I. | v provozu
Pás dětský MAX II. | v provozu
Jáchymovská | Otevřena
Lyžařská cesta | Otevřena
Lyžařská cesta | Zavřena
Dámská | Otevřena
Lyžařská cesta | Otevřena
Pařezovka | Otevřena
Lyžařská cesta | Otevřena
Lyžařská cesta | Otevřena
U Zabitého | Otevřena
Pod Zámečkem | Otevřena
Cool Funpark | Otevřena
SCROSS | Otevřena
Přemostěná | Otevřena
Slalomák | Otevřena
Turistická | Otevřena
Cvičná | Otevřena
Dětská - Primáčkův park | Otevřena
Neklid Levá | Otevřena
Neklid U pomy I. | Otevřena
Neklid U Pomy II. | Otevřena
Neklid Moser | Otevřena
neklid Karásek I. | Otevřena
Neklid Karásek II. | Otevřena
Neklid Křižná | Otevřena
Rondo | Otevřena
Jáchymovská Freeride I. | Otevřena
Jáchymovská Freeride II. | Zavřena
SnowPark Neklid | Otevřena
Lyžařský okruh středně težké obtížnosti | Upravené
Lyžařský okruh středně težké obtížnosti | Upravené
Lyžařský okruh težké obtížnosti | Upravené
Lyžařský okruh težké obtížnosti | Upravené
Lyžařská magistrála | Upravené
Skibus Klínovec - Fichtelberg | Mimo provoz
Infocentrum Klínovec | V provozu
Trail Park Klínovec | Mimo provoz
Restaurace | Mimo provoz
Občerstvení (u dolní stanice Prima Express) | Mimo provoz

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