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If you want to enjoy skiing in more resorts, SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA-PEC is the right choice. This biggest ski resort in the Czech Republic is situated in the Giant Mountains (Krkonoše) and is formed by 5 conjoined ski resorts. Visitors can use one ski pass and use up to 44 km of skiing slopes.

Active, Family


Resort description:

SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA-PEC connects the resorts of Černá Hora, Pec pod Sněžkou, Černý Důl, Velká Úpa and Svoboda nad Úpou. The resort Černá Hora offers skiing slopes for intermediate skiers and a few easy tracks. The transport of visitors is provided by an 8-seat cabin lift Černá Hora Express, a 6-seat lift Hofmanky Express with a wind shield and other 9 lifts. Tracks for intermediate skiers are to be found in the resort of Pec pod Sněžkou. The biggest local attraction is the Funline track with banked curves, tunnels and man-made obstacles, which combines boardercross elements, skicross and freestyle skiing. You can also use tracks with time measure for downhill and slalom skiing.

The resort in Černý Důl is suitable for families with children and beginners mostly. There are wide skiing slopes and a modern LIVE park with moving carpets and a lift for the youngest skiers and beginners. You can find here slopes with time meassure and a maintained track with banked curves.

The ski resort Velká Úpa belongs to smaller resorts. It offers one red-marked slope and two blue-marked slopes for less advanced skiers, a chair lift and three other smaller lifts.

Svoboda nad Úpou is the smallest of all the resorts in the area. Thanks to wide and well-arranged slopes with easy profile it is perfect for families with children and beginners.

Withing the framework of the resort, all service is provided with the label SkiResort Live. There are ski schools, educational parks for children, skiing equipment rental shops, professional service, testing centers and shops with skiing equipment and accessories. SkiTour snow cat provides the transport of skiers between the two biggest resorts – Černá Hora in Jánské Lázně nad Pec pod Sněžkou. With one ski pass only all visitors can use SkiTour Express buses. All resorts have parking, night skiing programmes, ski bars, restaurants, big accommodation capacity and other necessary service. Bob sleigh track on Černá Hora, snow shoes and alpine ski trips or a snowtubing track in Jánské Lázně are the biggest tourist attraction in the area.

Activity type

Downhill skiing

Audience type

Active , Family

Resort info

Opening time: 08:30-16:00

Resort services

Javor 1 | v provozu
Javor 2 | v provozu
Hnědý vrch | v provozu
Smrk | v provozu
Zahrádky Express | v provozu
Zahrádky 2 | v provozu
Klondike | v provozu
U lesa | mimo provoz
Mulda | v provozu
Eso | v provozu
Přibližovák - pojízdný pás | v provozu
Javor - pojízdný pás | v provozu
Javořák | v provozu
Kladenka | v provozu
Slovan | v provozu
Javor 1 | Otevřena
Javor 2 | Otevřena
Javor 3 | Otevřena
Javor - Funpark | Otevřena
Lyžařská | Otevřena
Smrk | Otevřena
Hnědý vrch | Otevřena
Hnědý vrch | Otevřena
U potoka | Otevřena
Zahrádky | Otevřena
Plynovod | Otevřena
Klondike 1 | Otevřena
Klondike 2 | Otevřena
U lesa | Otevřena
Mulda | Otevřena
Eso | Otevřena
Funline | Otevřena
Javořák | Otevřena
Kladenka | Otevřena
Slovan | Otevřena
Krkonošská lyžařská cesta v úseku: Rozcestí nad Lahrovými Boudami - Liščí cesta - pod Lesní boudou - horní stanice vleku Zahrádky | Upravené
Horní stanice lanové dráhy Hnědý vrch - Lesní bouda - horní stanice vleku Zahrádky | Upravené
Skibus SkiTour: Pec - Janské Lázně | V provozu
CITY BUS: Logla - Javor | V provozu
CITY BUS: Horizont - Javor | V provozu
CITY BUS: Lanovka Sněžka - Javor | V provozu
CITY BUS: Večerní lyžování | V provozu
SkiTour Express - skibus | V provozu
Večerní lyžování: B1 - Vlek Javor 1 | Mimo provoz
Večerní lyžování: 1b - Javor 1 | Mimo provoz
Večerní lyžování: 2b - Javor 2 | V provozu
Večerní lyžování: B8 - Vlek U lesa | Mimo provoz
Večerní lyžování: 14b - U lesa | Mimo provoz
Lyžařská škola | V provozu
Půjčovna | V provozu
LIVE park Javor | V provozu
LIVE park Klondike | V provozu

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