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Set out for Radhošť, and fulfil your secret desires

12 km | 5 hours | Family, Seniors, Active, Relaxation

Návštěva u boha Radegasta (A visit to the god Radegast)

Route description:

The journey to Radhošť, which is one of the most-frequented Czech mountains, is often joined by a visit to Pustevny. Here, you will find a remarkable collection of folk-style architecture. The route leads all the way to a statue of the pagan god, Radegast. It has been said that if you touch the round buckle of his belt and make a wish, your wish may come true. You can take the ridge of Radhošť all the way to the mountain peak, where the Chapel of Saints Cyril and Methodius stands, and next to it stands the statues of the two missionaries by Albín Polášek. For your return trip take the same road – but here you can decide if you will go on foot, ride scooters along Knížecí cesta (Prince's Road), or take the ski lift.


Frenštát (0 km) – Ráztoka (6 km) – Ráztoka (lanovka, 6,5 km) – Pustevny (9 km) – socha Radegasta (10,5 km) – Radhošť-hřeben (12 km) – Radhošť-kaple (13 km)


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Family , Seniors , Active , Relaxation

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Frenštát pod Radhoštěm

Air humidity: 75%
Cloudiness: 40%
Wind: (SSW) 19km/h
scattered clouds
Sunday -0° -2°


Moravia and Silesia

12 km | 5 hours
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