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The biggest ski resort in the west of the Czech Republic is Klínovec. It is situated in the altitude of 860-1244 m and its history goes back to be beginning of the 20th century. The resort offers 18,9 km of skiing slopes and ski tracks of all levels of difficulty.

Active, Family

Skiresort Klínovec

Resort description:

Advanced skiers will enjoy the slope called U Zabitého and other four red-marked slopes. For beginners and families with children the resort offers a few blue-marked slopes. „Jáchymovská“ slope with its length of 2950 m and width of up to 100 m, it belongs to the longest and widest tracks in the Czech Republic. Night skiing programmes, educational parks for children with moving carpets, freeride track and a popular Funpark with a big variety of obstacles and jumps are at all visitors´ disposal. Transport of skiers is provided by four chair lifts and a few smaller lifts. They all meet at the top of Klínovec mountain, so the visitors can easily and comfortably try more slopes.

The ski resort Klínovec offers the ski schools, skiing equipment rental shops, ski service shop and other professional service. There is large capacity parking, restaurants, snack bars and accommodation facilities in local mountain cottages, guest houses and hotels to the visitors´ full disposal. Artificial snow system is a matter of course. The skiresort Klínovec is a part of Interskiregion Fichtelberg-Klínovec, which offers 34 km of skiing slopes, 1 cabin lift, 6 chair lifts and 11 lifts. Transport to the neighboring ski resort Fichtelberg in Germany is provided by ski buses, free of charge. In the vicinity of Klínovec ski resort there are cross-country skiing tracks of high quality. During the summer season the highest point of Krušné hory (Ore Mountains) and the local Trail Park is a very popular tourist destination.

Activity type

Downhill skiing

Audience type

Active , Family

Resort info

Opening time: 00:00-00:00

Resort services

LD Prima Express | mimo provoz
LD CineStar Express | mimo provoz
LD Suzuki | mimo provoz
LD Dámská | mimo provoz
Vlek U Zabitého | mimo provoz
Vlek MiniAreál | mimo provoz
Dětský vlek | mimo provoz
Vlek Slalomák | mimo provoz
Pás dětský Hugo I. | mimo provoz
Pás dětský Hugo II. | mimo provoz
LD Neklid Štikovka | mimo provoz
Vlek Neklid Velká poma | mimo provoz
Vlek Neklid VL 1000 | mimo provoz
Vlek Neklid Malá Poma | mimo provoz
Vlek Neklid VL 500 | mimo provoz
Pás dětský MAX I. | mimo provoz
Pás dětský MAX II. | mimo provoz
Jáchymovská | Zavřena
Lyžařská cesta | Zavřena
Lyžařská cesta | Zavřena
Dámská | Zavřena
Lyžařská cesta | Zavřena
Pařezovka | Zavřena
Lyžařská cesta | Zavřena
Lyžařská cesta | Zavřena
U Zabitého | Zavřena
Pod Zámečkem | Zavřena
Cool Funpark | Zavřena
SCROSS | Zavřena
Přemostěná | Zavřena
Slalomák | Zavřena
Turistická | Zavřena
Cvičná | Zavřena
Dětská - Primáčkův park | Zavřena
Neklid Levá | Zavřena
Neklid U pomy I. | Zavřena
Neklid U Pomy II. | Zavřena
Neklid Moser | Zavřena
neklid Karásek I. | Zavřena
Neklid Karásek II. | Zavřena
Neklid Křižná | Zavřena
Rondo | Zavřena
Jáchymovská Freeride I. | Zavřena
Jáchymovská Freeride II. | Zavřena
SnowPark Neklid | Zavřena
Lyžařský okruh středně težké obtížnosti
Lyžařský okruh středně težké obtížnosti
Lyžařský okruh težké obtížnosti
Lyžařský okruh težké obtížnosti
Lyžařská magistrála
Skibus Klínovec - Fichtelberg | Mimo provoz
Infocentrum Klínovec | Mimo provoz
Trail Park Klínovec | Mimo provoz
Restaurace | Mimo provoz
Občerstvení (u dolní stanice Prima Express) | Mimo provoz

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