Czech Republic


Experienced travelers know that sometimes you have to go with the flow. Day 5 sees the guys adjust from a late start to keeping a fast pace with a new guide.

55 km | 4 hours | Active

Day 5: The Road to Prague

Route description:

The Travel Vlogger team decides to sleep in and enjoy lunch in Mělník before hitting the road. Brian has a light meal of salmon and veggies and Garrett goes for the gnocchi. Who do you think will end up regretting their choice?

The guys set off with a new local guide, Daniel, whose bike catches the team’s attention. They decide to skip the bridges and ride a local ferry to cross the river. Can you guess how much it cost?

The first stop between Mělník and Prague is a tour of the Veltrusy chateau. This burgundy Baroque palace was built in the 18th century. From there, as the guys approach Prague’s city limits, they notice more people on the paths, water sports, and an interesting twist on volleyball.

Finally, both Daniel and Brian have some interesting words of advice, and the Travel Vlogger team call it an early night at Sir Toby’s Hostel.

This route is perfect for seeing both small town life and the Czech capital. Next up, the guys dive back into the Czech beer scene on the way to Hluboká in South Bohemia.

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Mělník - Veltrusy - Troja - Praha


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13° Air humidity: 71%
Cloudiness: 20%
Wind: (SSE) 12km/h
few clouds
Tuesday 10°
Wednesday 11° 11°
Thursday 15° 13°
Friday 16° 14°



55 km | 4 hours
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