Czech Republic

South Bohemia

After a stop at the Iron Curtain Museum, the grey theme spreads to the skies. A rainstorm causes delays, but with a new friend along for the ride, the Travel Vlogging team make the best of it.

61 km | 4 hours | Active

Day 8: a Bit of History, a New Friend, and a Rainy Ride

Route description:

The guys leave České Krumlov for a town with the tongue-twisting name of Jindřichův Hradec. The ride starts with a history lesson at the Museum of the Iron Curtain, including artifacts, weapons, and border security tools.

Another enthusiastic cyclist, Tomaš, joins the trip after learning about it from a Facebook group. When a rainstorm delays their ride, the guys get creative to outfit Tomaš with some water-resistant gear. The weather won’t be the only obstacle on Day 8.

The group is faced with a Robert Frost-style dilemma when they come to a fork in the road with three possible paths to follow. Eventually they make it through the densely forested area known as Czech Canada to their hotel (if a little later than desired). See what they manage to find for dinner after 10pm in a small Czech town.

This route is perfect for a peaceful ride through the vast wilderness of Czech Canada. Next up, a taste of traditional Czech pastries on the road to Znojmo.

Watch summary of the day on Youtube.


Novohradské hory - Nové Hrady - Jindřichův Hradec


mostly paved

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Nové Hrady

Air humidity: 85%
Cloudiness: 100%
Wind: (SSW) 4km/h
light rain
Wednesday 11°
Friday 10° 10°


South Bohemia

61 km | 4 hours
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