Czech Republic

East Bohemia

Revel in the best of the cross-country skier’s paradise in Vysočina.

37 km | 6 hours | Active

Za Kadovským vánkem (After the Kadovský vánek)

Route description:

Allow yourself to be transported to the most popular cross-country skiing locales around Novoměstsko, visit picturesque villages and hamlets, and revel in places with gorgeous views of the surrounding landscapes. You will occasionally break a sweat during challenging ascents, however, most of the route leads through relaxing plains. One possible starting point for this all-day trip is the Vysočina Arena in Nové Město na Moravě, or you could also choose the town of Tři Studně, which, in addition to its remarkable natural beauties, has earned renown for its town square, which is the smallest in the world. Keep to the groomed trails, and follow the ski trail markers. This forty-kilometre loop can be shorted in any way you like, and you can enjoy some food or drink at any of a number of small pubs. In Kadov sample the local speciality, the Kadovský vánek (Kadov Breeze), or Kadovánek, a herbal liqueur made using a secret recipe. The residents of Kadov have thus taken over the tradition of the famous Samotínský vánek (Samotín Breeze)… Samotín lies on the very edge of the central ridge of the Žďárské vrchy mountain range, with several dozen nearby rock formations, which include the tallest peak of the Žďárské vrchy Mountains, Devět skal (Nine Cliffs), Dráteničky, Malínská Rock, and Lisovská Rock.


Vzdálenosti: Hotel SKI (0 km) - Sjezdovka Harusův kopec (1,1 km) - Nad Radňovicemi (2,9 km) - Pod Vlachovicemi (6,1 km) – Vlachovice (7 km) – Hadačky – (7,5 km) – Sklené (9,5 km) - U Třech Studní (11,7 km) – Fryšava (14,2 km) – Blatky (16,8 km) – Samotín (19,4) - Blatiny – pod Drátníkem (20 km) - Pod Krátkou (22 km) - Nad Kuklíkem (23,2 km) – Kadov (25,1 km) - Nad Kadůvkem (26,8 km) – Medlov (27,5 km) - Tři Studně (28,7 km) - Sykovec – kemp (29,7 km) – Sedlo (30,3 km) - Jelení skalka (33,3 km) - Nové Město – Bělisko (34,2 km) - Sjezdovka Harusův kopec (35,7 km) - Hotel SKI (37 km) Trasa je upravována rolbou.


Fields, meadows, forest tracks, 175 m elevation gain

Activity type

Cross-country skiing

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Nové Město na Moravě

-2° Air humidity: 54%
Cloudiness: 0%
Wind: (W) 5km/h
clear sky
Sunday -2°
Monday -4°
Tuesday -2°
Wednesday -2°
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East Bohemia

37 km | 6 hours
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